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T&L journal Issue 1 2015-6

This term’s festive inspired T&L journal is out now!

As part of our drive for quality verbal responses, Faculty Leader of Humanities Anton Kolaric has been developing the use of hinge questions. As a result of our recent ‘Bright Spots’ learning walk you can also see examples of the great teaching at Aldridge School. Inspired by Lesson Study, Faculty Leader of Mathematics Graham Wilson has established Learning PODs this term.  Every teacher has been paired up with two colleagues, and are working on a key factor associated with great teaching.  The findings will be shared duirng our whole school Tea-time Tasters next half term. Matthew Moore has also written a detailed review of ‘Making Every Lesson Count‘ and its application in the classroom.

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Hard copies as usual will go out to all staff but you can find a copy using the link below:

Issue 1 2015-6


Teacher-led CPD

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I experienced this idea on a smaller scale at my previous school but the sessions were sporadic and not always well attended. I myself had often been frustrated with numerous INSET days that allowed little time for reflection or development of practical applications.Reading this article from The Guardian on a new vision for professional development I was convinced by a need for schools to move away from a one-size fits all approach and provide a more varied and personalised programme.

When stepping into SLT for the first time in September 2013 my key responsibility was T&L. I strongly felt that the tools to ‘achieve excellence’ lay within our own staff and that increased opportunities to share best practice would support this. I was keen to reorganise the approach to CPD to include more opportunities for staff to develop their own CPD programme. Developing a programme of ‘tea-time tasters’ led by staff, for staff seemed to be fit perfectly.

In September 2013 all staff were surveyed on T&L using Googledocs. The initial idea was that staff would identify their own strengths and areas for development across teaching & learning. The findings were analysed and common key areas for development identified.  Myself and members of the Extended SLT put in place a programme of tea-time sessions ranging from ‘Using ICT’ to ‘Showing progress’. We have approached staff to lead sessions and the Lead Learners in each faculty have also played a key role in planning and delivery.

These tea-time sessions have been held monthly and been led by teaching staff either individually or working in pairs.  The sessions have proved popular with between 14-30 staff attending after school on average. DSC_3748During these sessions staff have presented research on the theme and then shared practical applications for the classroom. The advantages of this model for me are clear:

  • Whole staff regularly contributing to teaching and learning
  • A continuous focus on teaching and learning issues
  • An opportunity to share best practice
  • Staff take ownership of their professional development

This programme will be repeated in 2014-5 with some tweaks. Myself and my senior colleague will work together to identify the areas for development using lesson observation data that has been uploaded to Bluesky education. This bespoke programme of CPD will be further enhanced by the introduction of a coaching offer for all staff and the appointment of 4 Teaching and Learning coaches. 


Thanks to Chris Hildrew for inspiring me to write my first blog!