About Me

Welcome to my blog! Hopefully you have arrived here because you are interested in reading about my experiences as a senior leader.

  • I began as Assistant Head Teacher with responsibility for  T&L, CEIAG and International Links in September 2013
  • I also teach History  and have been Head of History in two previous schools as well as PSHE/Citizenship Co-coordinator
  • I currently work as Deputy Headteacher in a comprehensive academy in Birmingham .

I was initially inspired by my Twitter colleagues to begin this blog to share my experiences as a new member of SLT.  My aim for this blog is to share my reflections and strategies when leading T&L. If you find these reflections useful I would love to know.


Twitter CreativeT&L@jkfairclough

Network member of Excellence Growth@EG_Schools

Thanks for reading!

I am leading a presentation at the #WomenEd Regional event on 18th November. You can sign up here!


One thought on “About Me”

  1. I have written a series of ebooks, which can be used to complement the teaching of Roman history in the UK and/or literacy. They’re designed to be entertaining and informative in equal measure. Do you know anyone who would be interested in taking a look at them to use in class and/or as training materials? Or is there another way to share awareness of these books? There are currently three in the series and soon to be four. The first in the series is currently available free on most platforms.

    See the following link:


    Any help or advice you could offer on this matter would be gratefully received.

    Yours sincerely

    Scott Pixello

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