Bright Spots Learning Walk – November 2015



This was our first ‘Bright Spots’ learning walk. It has been introduced as part of our existing varied CPD programme – providing bespoke opportunities through tea-time tasters, Outstanding Learning Communities and CPD festival weeks. For various reasons, a trial of lunch-time sharing sessions did not really take off last year so I decided to consider other ways to find and share the best practice taking place across school.


I took inspiration from the superb Shaun Allison’s ‘Perfect Teacher-Led CPD’ and arranged for our Faculty Pupil Champions to give up one lesson to walk around our classrooms, recording examples.Staff were informed through whole staff briefing and examples of great teaching have been shared through this blog and the next edition of the Aldridge T&L journal.


In Geography, Aimee Smith was impressed by the’Wall of Excellence’ display;  celebrating high quality student work and effort. A great example of subjects showcasing high expectations and our core ethos of ‘Achieving Excellence together’

Also in Geography, Aimee saw this simple method of encouraging pupil feedback. The simple use of the word ‘Act’ on the yellow assessment sticker showed students when they needed to respond to the teacher comments.

In English students were tackling personalised improvement tasks. Students were asked to ‘make their work excellent’ by re-drafting the last assessment task using the success criteria.

In Sociology/Psychology Rebecca Ward had made superb use of her classroom space to provide additional tasks to challenge KS5 students. There were four activities on her display board including ‘Reflection Time’ and ‘Tweet Me’. A great example in developing student independence.

Finally in History, students were transfixed by their paired starter activity – piecing together a jigsaw puzzle of a plague doctor. Students were stretched even further with follow-up questions – Describe what you can see. – What you think it is and why? What would you still like to find out about it?

A very positive start to our Bright Spots Learning Walks 2015-6

Thanks to all our Pupil Premium Champions and staff for their time!



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