Class Teaching

calvin and hobbs

Last week I gave a talk to our new staff about teaching.  The night before, I asked the good people of twitter for their input:

fun tweet

It caused a bit of a discussion!  So I thought I would elaborate on some of my thoughts.  Some of which have changed quite a lot over the past few years – thanks to engagement with some great colleagues, tweeters and bloggers!

Learning should be fun

Now don’t get me wrong – I love teaching and think that young people are brilliant.  We have a nice time in lessons and I think I have a good rapport with the students I teach.  But fun is a nice by-product of my teaching – it’s never the focus of my planning.  That’s about what I want them to know, understand and do.  David Didau illustrates this brilliantly with an example of a lesson that he once observed. …

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